We cut our teeth, out on these streets, everything that we have, we did on our own. We made our bones on the strength of never giving in” - Golden

— Rooftop Boxer

From Flatline to Heartbeat

with a little kerosene...

Formation and Early Inspiration Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Houston, Texas, Rooftop Boxer emerged in 2019, driven by their love for DIY punk music. The quartet drew early inspiration from the raw energy of punk while infusing elements of Motown soul and rock-n-roll, creating a unique and dynamic sound.

A Pause and Rebirth However, just as they were gaining momentum, the band was temporarily halted by the onset of the pandemic. Nevertheless, their dedication to music remained unwavering, and by mid-2021, they were back in action, determined to bring their music to the world.

Talented Lineup Rooftop Boxer comprises a talented lineup that includes Jason Wiltshire, known for his work with White Noise Theory, Locus Tree, and Paris Falls, handling guitar and vocals. Joining him from Punk Rock Project is Brian Ingram on bass and Greg Dodson on drums. The band expanded further with guitarist Jeremy Estes, previously from Shut Out, and lead guitarist Dusty Davis from Carter. Dusty departed the band to follow other endeavors.   

Early Releases and Live Performances Wasting no time, the band recorded their debut EP, "Idle," and began performing locally around Houston. In February 2022, they secured an opening slot for Authority Zero and released their first single, "Rawbee," on March 19th. This marked the beginning of a series of achievements and live performances.

Evolution of Sound and "Movement" EP Rooftop Boxer continued to evolve, experimenting with a tighter sound. In October 2022, they released their second EP, "Movement," showcasing this newfound musical direction, evident in tracks like "C'mon" and "My Doubt."

Full-Length Debut and Radio Recognition February 2023 saw the release of their full-length album, "Manus In Manu," which gained them further recognition. The band also had the honor of opening for the Phoenix, AZ-based band Snailmate. Additionally, their song "Hollow Veins" received airplay on the local radio station 94.5 The Buzz.

Road Trips and Upcoming Festivals Rooftop Boxer's journey continued with various live performances, including an opening slot for Los Angeles band "It's OK" and a Texas road trip for "Banding Together" in Bryan, Texas. They're set to round out 2023 with a performance at the Houston Punk Fest, an event put together annually by Greg and Jeremy, promising even more exciting opportunities and musical adventures for this up-and-coming quartet.

Rooftop Boxer's fusion of punk, soul, and rock-n-roll, combined with their unwavering dedication to their craft, make them a band to watch in the Houston music scene and beyond. With a dynamic sound and a growing list of accomplishments, their journey in the world of music is one filled with promise and excitement.

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